TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman addressed to the railway!

📩 27/11/2018 16:07

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman addressed to the railway!

We live together with you on the very important days of 157 annual railway history. First of all, I would like to express that I have felt the pleasure of working with you for years in 10, and feeling as much a railroad as I am.

10 has achieved many firsts in the year with you. Not only the railroads, not only the railways, but also the face of our country, we have done many things with you. We have presented many things that will tell our children and leave to future generations together with the 157 annual accumulation of railways.

We did the high speed train lines together and we started the operation together.

We have renewed our existing paths together. We took the seeds of a local railway industry together.

From the urban rail system projects to the block train, from the construction of the Modern Silk Railway, to the renovation of the stations and stations, the cultural heritage of the railways, the connection of the production lines from the domestic train sets to the railways, and the signaling and double-line construction of the lines, we dreamed about the year before 60 We have realized dozens of services and investments together.

Together we have the excitement and joy of raising the railways, we continue to live.

In this process, our state has supported us more than ever. Mr. Minister closely interested in everything about railways, he continues to be interested.

About Liberalization of the Railways Act that became law in Turkey was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

In the process of drafting the draft law, as well as in the text of the law and the essence of the law as if it were in the law, as if railroads were becoming special, we were very upset about the railroads.

Dear friends,

This is not a privatization law. In no way does the railways specialize. As the status of the railways is unchanged, the work, status and place of the railroad friend do not change. Only the private sector in our roads, within our traffic system, the necessary infrastructure to pay the use of the fee is allowed to carry. With this law, the fact that state support continues to increase on the railway is also legally secured.

The countries of the European Union and the developed countries of the railway provided this liberalization. Railway Administration, Ministry of Health, all of our civil society organizations, our experts have prepared the draft law, and although the content of the law is aware of, some rail civil society organizations and trade unions, railways are privatized / sold by creating information pollution and mind to mix up the minds, the train to stop trying to stop no basis.

Because there is no sale and privatization Çünkü

I would like to ask that all of our friends read the text of the law on our website, not to give away rumors and misleading.

16 April I congratulate some of my colleagues who have made efforts for the freedom of transportation of our unions, the image of our railways and the trains.

We are a big family of friends, Our love, sincerity, the fact that we love to have railroads with gossip and false false information is not only to me as General Manager, but also to all my railroad friends.

I believe that I am proud of you. Even in the most difficult conditions, the railways, who do not abstain from any sacrifice to drive the train, will contribute to the development of the railways with the same sacrifice in the present and in the future, if they have taken over the railways in the past. I trust you.

Your path / path is clear and bright.

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General manager

Source: TCDD

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