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Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers
Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers

Special Train Rental: in collaboration with the NIH TCDD, upcoming Turkey - Netherlands Diplomatic Relations for the project you are planning for the 400th Anniversary of the train concept offers to you. Universities, schools, businesses, associations etc. We invite institutions about thousands of kilometers of railways breathtaking Turkey on a journey of inspiring itineraries. NIHA will make this possible and be your guide if you plan your journey, for example, to stop, meals, business meetings, excursions, or simply to prefer the train instead of the hotel to stay, as appropriate for you.


We offer you different concepts and price options. The prices depend on the time you spend in the train and the train, and the quality of the hotel. You can find more detailed information in this document. You can reach us at or you can call us 90 0 312 437 33 to discuss with us about the suggestions we offer or your own wishes and thoughts.

Conference Car

You can organize conferences and business meetings while on the go.

Available facilities: 27 comfortable seats around the meeting table, sound system, projection device, 21 pieces and comfortable pulman seats.


Rooms with bed capacity of 2 or 4. The 2 double rooms have a sink and a fridge. It is possible to shower in the train.

Food Wagon

55 storage unit with seating unit, kitchen and refrigerator.

Food and beverage supply and service are provided by us. (In addition, a joint internship project can be realized with NL-TR hotel and tourism high schools)

What can be done with TCDD

• Retail wagons that can be added to special trains or regular operated trains
• Private routes
• Pause at each desired station
• Use station facilities
• Freedom to be part of a train, traveling around Turkey in May xnumx'n.

Outside of the train

  • Cultural and touristic trips
  • accommodation
  • Dinner in private places
  • Report the conference / workshop / meeting you will be doing

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