Between Darıca and Gebze

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality shoots scalpels in the city. In Darıca, Aşıroğlu Street, which is connected to the D-100 side road, will be connected to Gebze Ankara Street by tunnel. The D-100 Izmit-Istanbul direction will be processed through the tunnel in the tunnel through the tunnel crossing on the D-100.
Vehicles traveling in the direction of Gebze and Darıca will be able to go in the direction they want by using the side roads and the crossroads on the tunnel. While the inner part of the tunnel crossing intersection will be 2 × 2 round trips, the traffic of the side roads will flow in one direction. Entries and exits between the D-100 and side roads will be provided. The intersection will connect Gebze-Darıca in the north-south direction and will make D-100 traffic transit.
The tunnel section of the junction that will have the width of the 31 meter will be made as the 140 meter branch exit. 27 thousand 500 tons of hot asphalt material will be used on the roads to be built in the project at the intersection. At the intersection 14 thousand 750 square meters 5 thousand 500 meter curb slab.
There will be a new route between Darıca and Gebze. On the other hand, the vehicles going to the D-100 by using Aşıroğlu Street from Darıca will reach Ankara Street by using the tunnel. From here, the vehicles passing through Bosna Avenue will reach an alternative route to the north of Gebze. Thanks to the tunnel junction, it will be possible to reach Baharderesi street through Yeni Bağdat Street and reach the inner parts of Gebze from this route.
Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to realize this project which is important for transportation. A tender will be made to determine the company that will implement the project. The tender session 15 will take place in 09.30 at the Metropolitan Municipality tender hall in May.

Source: HA

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