Keçiören Municipality Lowered the Cable Car Fee


📩 20/02/2023 00:39

Keçiören Municipality has reduced the cable car fee from 5 TL to 1 TL. Keçiören Cable Car, which has been serving non-stop since its establishment in 2008,1 TL for everyone” campaign was presented to the people of Ankara. The cable car, whose normal fee is 5 TL, will carry all Ankara residents for 1 TL during the campaign. Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak invited everyone who wants to have a pleasant journey by watching the beauties of Keçiören from a bird's eye view to the Keçiören Cable Car.

Ataturk (Botanical) Garden and Tepebasi district of Weak Kecioren with two stations including Dormitory cable car ride 653 meter stations from the total in the 3 thousand 303 meter usage area "Turkey's largest urban cable car" bears that title. The average ride time of 20 minutes promises a magnificent view and beautiful excitement to the people of Ankara.

Kecioren Teleferik Facilities, which use all the facilities of technology in terms of safety, are regularly maintained to ensure that their customers travel safely. Teleferik officials, the routine maintenance, the Ministry of Industry inspection units and the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers passed the approval that draws attention.

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