Turkey's railway network targets until the year 2023

Turkey's railway network targets until the year 2023
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, 2023 year targets in accordance with the railway network will reach about 26 thousand kilometers and 10 thousand kilometers of this network will create High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines said.

Minister Yildirim, the Caspian Strategy Institute (HASEN), the publishing organ of the Khazar World AA reporters compiling the statements according to the 2013 13 billion 900 million pounds 56 million percent of the investment allowance XNUMX of railways divided into railways.

  1. Binali Yildirim reminded that 2023 billion dollars of 350 billion dollars will be made to the railways in the transportation sector within the framework of the ın 45 Year Vision lar in the Transportation Council. With Marmaray, 29 will be in service on October 2013.

15 province will be connected with YHT Yildirim, Ankara-based core rail network created by the 15 province to connect with YHT, so, Ankara-Istanbul 3 hours, Ankara-Bursa 2 hours 15 minutes, Bursa-Bilecik 35 minutes, Bursa-Eskisehir 1 hours , Bursa-Istanbul 2 hours 15 minutes, Bursa-Konya 2 hours 20 hours, Bursa-Sivas 4 hours, Ankara-Sivas 2 hours 50 minutes, Istanbul-Sivas 5 hours, Ankara-Izmir 3 hours 30 minutes, Ankara-Afyonkarahisar region 1 hour 30 told the minute will come down.

In line with the 2023 year of the TCDD, the railway network will reach 26 thousand kilometers, indicating that the 10 thousand kilometers of the network will form the YHT lines. Yildirim said that various projects were implemented in order to increase the efficiency and efficiency of the railway on the freight.
”There is great potential in the railway“

Minister Yıldırım, said:

Deniz A logistics center is established in which transportation services are provided along with road, rail, sea and airway access and storage services. The logistics centers projected at 19 points at different scales will contribute approximately 40 billion dollars annually to the Turkish logistics sector. 26 will provide 8,4 million square meters container stock and handling area with additional transportation possibility.

Turkey produces advanced railway industry and has become a country exporting. Considering the 150 billion-dollar investment in the railway sector in the region, there is great potential in the railway sector.

We will complete the restructuring of the Turkish railway to reduce service losses and improve the quality of the competition by creating a competitive environment. We will continue to renew existing lines for increasing the railway sector share. We will complete the signaling of the existing ungrounded railway lines. Until the 2023, we will also complete the electrification of railway lines without electrification. We will complete the 3.344 mileage high-speed rail network 3 during the year. We will reach the total 2023 mileage railway network by making a total of 14.000 kilometers railway until 25.940. We will develop the transport corridors of Istanbul-Basra, Istanbul-Kars-Tbilisi-Baku, Kavkaz-Samsun-Basra, Istanbul-Aleppo-Mecca, Istanbul-Aleppo-North Africa, Southeast Asia. İstanbul

In addition to these investments, 10 stated that they are planning to establish an international accredited railway test and certification center with the Railway Institute within the ministry within the year and said about the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project:

"Basically we took the 73 Turkey-Georgia-kilometer section is being built according to international standards. Even the navigation speed was planned as 120 kilometers per hour. Two and a half kilometers of the tunnel, viaduct and 3 12 pieces on the top line parade will be held, a Turkey-Georgia border station will also be built. The construction of the project also continues in the 28 kilometer section on the Georgian side of the project. With the commissioning of the line, we expect 1,2 million passengers and 3,5 million tons of cargo in the first year, and 2034 million passengers and 7,8 million tons in 21,5. Line Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, Marmaray and the ongoing construction of high-speed train project, not only with Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan will become the safest and most economical option of the Asia-Europe corridor. "

Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project is said to be completed by the 2011 year, but still not be opened to provide information about the Minister of Transport, Lightning, Georgia in the first part of the project in the region of the mouth of the exit due to the landslide in the region by the request to move to the south of Georgia was made. For this reason, the boundary of the 1.286 meter length tunnel should be increased to 2.380 meters. In addition, 7.870 meter drilling tunnel, 10.000 meter Open-Close Tunnel was required. We experienced delays in this context, Bu he said.

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