Tramway Studies in Eskişehir Paralyzed Traffic on Istanbul Road

Tramway Studies in Eskişehir Paralyzed Traffic on Istanbul Road
Tramway works on the Eskişehir-Istanbul highway are paralyzing the ring road traffic, while vehicles are struggling to proceed on the road.

Highways 46. The statement made by the branch yesterday, the Eskisehir-Bursa highway 18. It was reported that the road will be closed to traffic from 09.00 to 17.00 in the morning and traffic will be given from the city station and Hakimiyet Street.

The drivers who were not aware of the road traffic were paralyzed when they turned to the closed road instead of the routes specified in the morning. Vehicle traffic due to traffic on the road due to forced drivers, said they were overwhelmed by the effect of hot air. The drivers said the work could be done at night hours when traffic was less busy, rather than during the busy hours of traffic.

It was stated that there were delays in the voyages of the buses carrying the passengers with the addition of deteriorated vehicles.

Highways teams continue to work in the full speed of the tram overpass, the road is planned to open until the evening 17.00.

On the other hand, traffic cops taking measures on the route are directing drivers to alternative roads.


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