Magic Touch to İzmir M.Kemal Boulevard

Magic Touch to İzmir M.Kemal Boulevard.İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality is going to temporary arrangement in the middle median during the tram works on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard.
Trees and shrubs will be moved from 11 to İnciraltı City Forest from January. After the finishing work is completed, the center mediterranean will be restored with the same size palm trees that are reinforced with green texture. Tramway, highway underpass, the new city square on the top and the coastal design will change the face of the boulevard.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the city's main arteries, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard under the road subway, coastal design and tram projects, due to some arrangements are made on the route. One of these arrangements is the study of the median refuge. The first phase of the median work to be carried out along the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı route will take place between Marina Junction and Göztepe Bridge, where the Konak Tramway project is being constructed.

In order to maintain the fluency of the traffic during the tram works, the road will be widened by laying asphalt to the areas where the rail is laid. This will be applied on the land side first. Then the trees in the middle median will be transported and a temporary arrangement will be made for the passage of the vehicle. This work in the median center will minimize the potential traffic distress that will be experienced during the tram works on the sea side.

When the rail laying works in both directions are completed, a new landscaping arrangement will take place in the middle center, just like in Bornova Ankara Street. Green texture and palm trees' floors will be re-prepared in the least affected by sea water; their numbers and qualities will be improved and made much more aesthetic and orderly. Palm trees that will be planted at equal intervals and the same size will increase the visual richness on the route. The center will be a brand new look with colorful, colorful bushes, trees and night lights.

Within the scope of the project, the 27 tree-woodland and shrub with 99 pieces of wild palm-fenix, fan palm, Cyprus acacia and eucalyptus along the route between the Marina Junction and Göztepe Bridge, 11 2016 2 from January XNUMX will be moved to İnciraltı City Forest. Next, temporary expansion will be provided on the road for uninterrupted traffic. After the laying and road laying of the rails, the trees in question will be re-located in the center of the median.

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