Sculpture- Garage Tram Line Maintenance Workshop will be located in Kültürpark (Photo Gallery)

📩 20/03/2013 15:36

The maintenance workshop of the Sculpture-Garaj Tram Line will be located in Kültürpark: While the works of the Sculpture-Garaj Tram Line, which was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality, are continuing, work has also started in Kültürpark, where the maintenance workshop and transformer building will be built. While the rails were placed on the workshop and station exit route, it was stated that the work in Kültürpark would be completed within 2 weeks.
Silkworm, the production of Bursa, won the wagon tender made by the Metropolitan Municipality. The workshop to be built in Kültürpark will be the cocoon of Bursa's brand Silkworm. On the other hand, the works on the 6-kilometer T 1 line between the Kent Square and Sculpture on the statue, İnegöl Avenue and Kent Square continue. The rail laying process in the T1 line has reached the final stage. 2 Silkworm wagons will be delivered after 3 months, and your voyages will speed up with 6 wagons within 6 months.

Source: BursadaBugun

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