Metrobus transportation system is very big for Istanbulites

Although someone denies it, the Metrobus transportation system is a great benefactor for Istanbulites ark For those who use the transportation preference in this direction, the 1 hourly road in the invisible traffic, while enjoying the 20 minute, contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to a thousand tonnes per day.
… Cars flew away, goes through my life ur says Münir Nurettin Selçuk in his mahur makam üm
The songwriter Vecdi Bingöl would wonder if 2012 had written the same lyrics in Istanbul? It would be wise to try to fly cars in Istanbul, where the population has reached to 13 million and the 400 new vehicle is added to the traffic every day.
But it is possible to travel in time with the new entering transportation systems, in 1, in the old days as 20 can be traveled in time.
From this point of view, a time warp for Metrobus may be used.
METROBUS, a Kadir Topbas project, met Istanbulites at 2009. The number of people using the metrobus that flew over the busy traffic without hitting the obstacles reached 800 thousand per day.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had used a remarkable statement at the opening of the Sariyer tunnel.
He pointed out the period in which Kadir Topbaş was in office and said that ına the most investment has been made in this period during the Republican history of transportation investments in Istanbul Kad.
Finally, the Kadıköy-Kartal line and the Anatolian side met the metro. Istanbul is now waiting for new Marmaray and new metro systems.
According to the testimony of Mayor Kadir Topbaş, 2016 is a very critical year for the rail system to become the main spine Büyük
Major metro lines and Marmaray will be commissioned in 2013.
In 2016, the length of the rail system will be 300 in Istanbul and the number of users will reach 7 million.
If the investments continue at the same speed, 2023 will have the Istanbul 641 kilometer rail system line.
In line with the her Integration Project da carried out within the framework of the değiştir Master Plan ye prepared in 2004, a new system that changes the transportation habits in Istanbul almost every year. The cost of this change is very high.
Because the last 9 year 24 billion pounds of transportation 24 quadrillion in the old expression was made. The money spent on Metro investments is about 10 billion, in other words, 10 quadrillion TL lar 259 intersection arrangement, tunnel roads, metro systems, and one of the most important factors that draw the burden of transportation in Istanbul harcan
The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş brought the results of the Metrobüs application to Istanbul. The average daily number of passengers in Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme Line has reached 800 thousand. Metrobus reduces the 1 hourly distance to 20 minutes in heavy traffic and reduces CO2 emissions by 610 thousand tons per day.
System in Istanbul 24 provides hours of uninterrupted service.
44 station.
Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü line total 52 kilometers and-
474 costing Million TL UM
It is possible to go to Zincirlikuyu with a single ticket from Beylikdüzü.
Total 410 car service.
Daily average number of passengers 800 bin ortalama
Time saving per person per day X
80 thousand vehicles were withdrawn from traffic when the BRT was engaged.
242 saved a thousand liters of fuel.
Carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 613 thousand tons per day.
1307 minibus withdrew from traffic.
During peak hours, the voyage time can be as low as 10 seconds.
Time numbers are automatically increased according to the density.
Metrobus travelers can pass the Bosphorus with a single ticket.


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