Bursa Tram Line Carrying 7 Thousand Persons a Day is Extending to Yalova Road

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Photo: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Bursa Tram Line, Carrying 7 Thousand People a Day, is Extended to Yalova Road: by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to Cumhuriyet Street kazanIt has been announced that the tram, which has been announced, carries more than 7 thousand passengers a day. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that the line will be extended to Yeşilyayla, Ertuğrul Gazi and Mesken, and that they have also started work on the extension of the urban tram line to Yalova.

People who travel along the line by taking the tram on Cumhuriyet Street and sohbet President Altepe stated that the tram carrying passengers between Zafer Square and Davutkadı will extend to Yeşilyayla and Ertuğrul Gazi - Mesken. Stating that everyone is skeptical about the operation of the tram on the main arteries of the city, Altepe continued as follows: “However, over time, all our citizens started to enjoy using the tram. The tram has become one of the alternative transportation lines in the market area and the interest is increasing day by day. Daily passenger capacity exceeded 7 thousand. This capacity is increasing day by day. "

Arguing that the tram adds color to Cumhuriyet Street, Altepe noted that a sample study was carried out with the tram application. Reminding that the works of the T1 line, which is a city rail project, continues, we also included the issue of extending the Tram line to the Yalova road. While weaving Bursa with iron nets, we aim to include our trams that do not pollute the environment, are odorless, modern and air conditioned, and operate quietly. After Altıparmak, İnönü and Çarşamba streets, we want to carry the same beauties on the road to Yalova. ” spoke in the form.

Altepe noted that the vision of Bursa's streets has changed with both the facade arrangement and the rail system works of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The citizen named Şükrü Topçuoğlu, who said that he used the tram frequently to reach the city center, thanked President Altepe for his contributions to Bursa. Topçuoğlu said, “It was very good to use the tram on this line. Our transportation to the center was relieved. I use the tram every day, I have no problem in transportation. ” said.
Nurten Aşina and Ayşe Kat, residing in Çınarönü, are also serious both in terms of money and time thanks to the tram. kazanHe said that they provided a living room and that they enjoyed using the tram line comfortably. Lara Kaban, who stated that her 1,5-year-old daughter Ada loves the tram very much and that they often take the tram to take her for a ride, also stated that the tram makes transportation to Yıldırım more practical.

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