Tramway comedy in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Assembly

Tram comedy in Parliament
While discussing the rental of Nostalgia Tram to Transportation Inc. for 5 years in the Metropolitan Assembly, there were dialogues that overshadowed the comedy films. AKP's Tamyürek said, “It seems that there is no lawfulness in the middle, but these things are a little bit complicated. That's why we disagree. ” Akaydın said to Tamyürek, “When you say mixed penny, if you are going to be in trouble, you mean you should. We run it at a loss, I say I have no choice but I cannot explain it to you. ”
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's December council held at jet speed. In the Metropolitan City Council, which convened in the Municipality Culture Hall under the chairmanship of Mustafa Akaydın to discuss the 8 agenda items, the issue of leasing the municipal nostalgic tram to Antalya İletişim A.Ş. Speaking about the item on the agenda for leasing Antalya Transportation Inc. with 5 thousand 154 TL + VAT for 68 years, provided that the advertising revenues of the nostalgia tram remain in the Metropolitan Municipality. SözcüSü Murtaza Tamyürek said, “Municipalities can give their own investments to their subsidiaries. However, it was given to Transportation Inc. in the rail system. The subject was court. Therefore, we are against this rental decision. There seems to be no lawfulness in the middle, but these things are a bit complicated. For this reason, we did not agree with this decision. ”There was a laugh in the hall for a while.
Responding to these words of Tamyürek with a smile, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın said, “When you say mixed kuruşuk, if you are going to get into trouble, you mean you should. I disagree with this. We made the tender for this, the bidder firm did not come out. There is no court order regarding the tram. There's about buses. Because we did not determine the line. Tram is a painful business, we run it at a loss. We continue to work because Antalyaians love nostalgia. I say I have no choice but to tell you. I entrust you to the conscience of the people of Antalya. ”
In the voting after the speeches, despite the AKP's rejection votes, the nostalgia tram was leased to Transportation Inc. with the majority of votes with the majority of votes of CHP and MHP, but the discussion continued. After AKP's rejection of the game, Akaydın said, “I really thank you very much. Where is this business mixed penny? I say I have no remedy, but I cannot explain it to you. ”Tamyürek said,“ This decision belongs to you with sin and goodness. If something good is going to happen, you will get your reward, if something bad happens, you will pay your account. You are the power. "Don't confuse us." On the words of Tamyürek, Akaydın said, "Your goal is not to run the Metropolitan Municipality, is this ingenuity?" He put the final point in the discussion.
Objections to the Altinova Planning in the Assembly were also not accepted. While Tamyürek had previously given a separate opinion about the Altinova Zoning Plan from his party, he also expressed a separate opinion from the AKP group regarding the objections discussed in the Metropolitan Municipality Council. MHP, on the other hand, stated that Altinova Plans do not let them down and said, “Our opinion is positive so that the area does not remain unplanned and that the issue will fall off Antalya's agenda. However, we think that the plan does not suit Altinova. ” While Tamyürek abstaining votes in the voting, Altınova's 1/1000 scale plan was accepted by majority.
In the parliament, in the voting deed in Kepez, Mustafa Yılmaz, CHP councilor, who learned that the place belonged to him on the 2946/9 scale implementation zoning plan regarding the conversion of 1 parcel 1000 parcels from the residential area to the private education facility, announced that he would not participate in the voting. The plan change request was resolved unanimously in the parliament. AKP Group on the subject of adding and transferring in the budget of 3 of Muratpaşa Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate and Science Affairs Directorate in the 2013rd item of the agenda in the Metropolitan Municipality Council SözcüSü Murtaza Tamyürek said, “Our friends have abstained from the commission, but we will be happy if Muratpaşa Mayor Süleyman Evcilmen makes a statement about the conversation.” Speaking on this, Evcilmen said, “This budget is about the Olympic swimming pool. We passed all of the shares to the municipality. It was a project and budget that was on his back even though the Directorate of Real Estate had no duty. The subject to be transferred to the Directorate of Science Affairs, which should do the main job, ”he said. In the voting, the addition and transfer of Muratpaşa Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate and the Directorate of Science Affairs in the 2013 Fiscal year budget was unanimously accepted.
Mayor Akaydın, who answered the questions of journalists after the Metropolitan Municipality Council, said that they wanted to remove the nostalgic tram, but they got into the idea of ​​operating it even if it was at a loss from the public demand. Reminding that they previously removed the nostalgic tram and brought up a project to start a wheeled vehicle on the same route, President Akaydın said, “There was a special trolley bus type transportation project working in a narrow area. We worked a lot on it but Antalya is a nostalgic public opinion regardless of the public opinion. They said not to take us away from this tram. It is not really easy to find a tool to work on that line. Moreover, the old one is preferred. We also tried the Piano Festival and made a lot of premiums. That's why we say take it until it becomes unusable. It is hurting right now, but it is not very high annually. ”

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