MADE IN KOBI 2013 | Transport and Transportation Industry meets in Izmir for SMEs

MADE IN KOBI 2013 | Transport and Transportation Industry meets in Izmir for SMEs
Transport-Shipping for SMEs
Transport-Transport for Entrepreneurs
Shipping & Transportation İZMİR
Transport and Transportation, Industry Meets for SMEs in Izmir
3-7 April 2013 Izmir
Big Thinking for Small Business
8 Sector One In One Target 500 Billion Dollar
MADE IN KOBI 2013 Exhibition Place and Date:
MADE IN KOBI 2013 Exhibition Main Organizer
To participate in the exhibition: Faruk KOKSAL 0541 547 61 00; I
MADE IN KOBI 2013 Exhibition Coverage
All Products in Transportation and Transportation Industry
Freight transport and logistics services
Load handling systems
IT / Telematics, e-business, telecommunications
Intralogistics, material flow
Chemical Transportation
Cargo Freight
Railway Transportation
Maritime transport
Customs Services
Airways transporting
Other Sectors
1-Electric-Energy Sector
2-Machinery Industry All Machinery Manufacturing Industry
3-SME Small Medium Sized Industrialists
4-Recycling Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy
5-Solar Energy-Wind
6-Auto Side Industry
Transport Sector You will prepare you with SMEs Large TURKEY
Eurasia, which is an unique trade fair platform for Africa and Middle East Region, visitors from all regions of Turkey and will play an important role in the mobilization of the internal market participants.
Import-export companies
Marketing Companies
Global buyers
Domestic market dynamics
All manufacturing industry traders
Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors
National and international hypermarket, supermarket, store chains
Hotels and Tourism Firms
Transport and logistics companies, Transport associations and cooperatives,
Construction companies
Municipal procurement authorities and suppliers
Purchasing authorities of state institutions
Airport operations, Sea port operations
Oil and oil companies
Armored transport companies
Investor public institutions
Engineers, Technicians
Mining Operations
Environment and transformation companies
Military and security organizations
Hospitals and health institutions
Cargo and courier companies
Concrete Companies
digging for
Automotive Main Industrialists
White Goods Main Industrialists
Defense Industry Main Industrialists
Construction Machinery Main Industrialists
Small Electrical Home Appliances Main Industrialists
Heating-Cooling-Ventilation Main Industrialists
Electric-electronic Main Industrialists
Product Development Managers of Construction Sectors, Project Development Managers, Technical Managers, Production Managers, Factory Managers and Factory Owners, Experts, Foreign Delegates
Finance authorities;
Domestic and foreign brand owners
OEM manufacturers Assembly workshop owners Authorized service and garage staff
Workshop owners
Why join?
Increasing market share of small industrialists for sustainable growth
Developing entrepreneurship spirit and culture
New opportunities in the domestic market, new customers
Creation of Import-Export Opportunities
Training of competitive entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial industrialists
To activate unused potential and to create new job sites
To support information-based decision-making processes, to establish an integrated information system, to improve information communication infrastructure and to ensure effective information flow
Directing technology investments
Opportunities to open up new markets, develop new business partnerships
• Direct Sales
• Effective Market Connections
• Better Quality Product and Brand Image
• One-to-one Presentation and Display Opportunity
• Comparing with your competitors
• Learning Your Competitiveness
• Finding a Distributor, Representative, Dealer or Agent
• Developing a Business and Communication Network

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