Type Contracts After Railways Liberalization Workshop

Workshop on Type Contracts Following the Liberalization of Railways: During the liberalization process of railway transport, within the scope of the studies initiated in order to ensure the conformity of the contracts that will regulate the relations between the related parties in the new structure to the international and national legislation, Workshop was held on.

TCDD Transportation Inc. Deputy General Manager Mehmet URAS, department heads, Consultant Company officials and Company personnel participated in the workshop.

We Must Provide Standard in Contracts

Mehmet Uras, Deputy General Manager of TCDD Transportation, made a speech at the workshop. 100, which is the anniversary of our country, aims to become one of the top ten countries in the world in the economy and in the railway sector. He said: altyapı In the new structure, infrastructure and management were separated, and a competitive management model was aimed. For this to happen, the relations between all parties must be defined in accordance with the new regulations and the requirements of railway operation. Within the scope of the study, relevant contracts were reviewed and updated to ensure their compliance with the new legislation. While considering the compliance of the contracts with the regulations issued by the Ministry of UDH and the relevant international transport regulations, the agreements are aimed to be consistent with each other in the context of the reputation of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ. ”

Infrastructure and business in the world are completely separated from each other

Tibet Seyhan, General Manager of the consultancy firm, pointed out that there are restructuring works all over the world. In some countries, there are also completely independent businesses, which are organized within the holding. In essence, business and infrastructure are separated from the whole, and take their place in the competitive environment as equal institutions of equal power, not above each other. In this new structure, the stones need time to settle. These difficulties were experienced in European countries and the regulations were revised. There is subsidization in the European Union, measures are being taken to reduce costs, but ultimately it is aimed to establish a transport model. Today, 99 is carried out by private enterprises in the UK. 70-80 percent of freight transport in the European Union, 50-60 percent of the passenger is carried out by the public. In France, the 20 train operator's 19 is special. There will be problems and problems ... When we look at the European Union, the two main things become the main thing after the restructuring; the amount of rail transport and the share of the private sector are increasing. ”

All Institutions Must Adapt to New Structure

in front of making business with its own staff and train the private sector in Turkey Seyhan pointed out that having a legal no obstacles, TCDD, TCDD Transport Inc., railroad train operators, logistics companies, who want to cargo, agents and so on. Referring to the importance of developing a business model at international standards for all parties in the sector, he said: ”A new structure emerged with the restructuring. All parties should position themselves in accordance with this new structure, and they should direct their activities according to this new structure. ”

Great Responsibility and Duty falls to TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ

Seyhan also mentioned the processes in freight transportation, emphasizing that logistics companies are obliged to obtain authorization certificate for railway freight transportation, new wagon owners should register their vehicles and in case of any complaint the referee is General Directorate of Railway Regulation; He underlined that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ has a very important responsibility and duty in shaping the new structure of the sector.

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