Bursaray stations are colored, the passengers are worrying!

Bursaray stations are colored, the passengers are worrying! : In our eyes, instead of those cold concrete and steel piles, color walls and photo boards are hit. A separate restoration work at each station Her
Inputs are coated with tiles, columns are painted in different colors, like rainbow lar
The cantilever in the ceilings!
Some of the stations, the giant panels of the old Bursa photographs sa Even though the photos are black and white, the former once the green and white is clear how the Bursa.
The trip to the memories station is free!
There are some people who make interesting suggestions to Burulaş about the selection of photos.
Iyor Why are only black and white photographs of Bursa displayed? Why don't they paint their current state and even the colored images of the city that show the iconic values? Bugün
They give an example:
Görüntüler Would it be bad if Bursaspor, who became the first Super League champion in its history, had those historical displays reflecting the championship enthusiasm? “
Indeed, a proposal that will excite the city and add pride erece
I wish it did!
The goal of Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy is to turn Bursaray stations into social life centers where exhibitions, concerts and cocktails will be Bur
As the stations rotate, the condition of the wagons is a bit crippled!
I am afraid;
After five to ten years, Bursaray is also worthy of Bursa!
The longer the lines, the higher the passengers!
Now even during some hours, people who have trouble getting in and getting off bazı
And in those moments, what is the color of the walls, the eyes hanging on the board that see the picture Ve
The only thing that attracts their attention is the hike in transportation!

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