Savings of 30 Million Lira with 150-Year Wagons Purchased for BursaRay from Holland (Special News)

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will meet the wagon need that will arise after the completion of the 8-kilometer Kestel stage in 6 months by modernizing the 30-year-old wagons purchased from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 44 of the 20 wagons coming out of the Rotterdam Metro will be spare parts, 24 wagons that will land on the rail will be modernized in Germany. The wagons with renewed electrical components will be put into service in Bursa with a renewed seat system. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously bought each wagon from Bombardier for 3,1 million Euros, will save 24 million lira for the 150 wagons it will use.
RayhaberAccording to the news of the .com site; Previously, 2 vehicle purchase tenders were held for Bursaray. The first one was Siemens 48 B80 type high-floor vehicles within the scope of BursaRay construction, and the second was the vehicles purchased from Bombardier. 3.16 high-tech Bombardier vehicles, each purchased at a price of 30 million Euros, are currently used in Bursaray lines. Therefore, a total of 78 vehicles serve under the management of Burulaş, with Sequence intervals exceeding 10 minutes on BursaRay lines.
Currently, the number of vehicles needed in the new 8-kilometer Kestel stage is at least 24 and the need must be met urgently. This need will increase with the opening of the Kestel stage. With the efforts of Burulaş General Manager Mr. Levent Fidansoy, vehicle procurement was accelerated.
If he went to buy new vehicles, Burulaş would pay 24 million Euros for 72 vehicles and would not reach the Kestel stage since the delivery time would last for 2 years. However, Burulash both saved money and accelerated the supply of wagons by purchasing well-used vehicles from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 24 million Euros from 125 thousand Euros were paid to 3 vehicles. 3 million Euros were paid for spare parts and other replacement costs, and a total of 6 million Euros was spent. Thus, the Burulaş company paid 72 million Euros instead of 6 million Euros, saving a total of 150 million lira.
The tests of 1984 model vehicles used in Rotterdam were tested at Burulaş's main control center and dynamic gabare driving was performed. The rest of the vehicles, each 29,8 meters tall, are technically tuned and modified in Germany. The wagons that will be painted in green colors will serve with the start of the Kestel stage.
The length, width and height of the vehicles without problems in the interior is very spacious, doors are wide and aesthetic. It is noted that the speed of entry and exit during the intensive use and the speed of operation of the vehicles which are thought to be convenient for the handicapped roads are quite satisfactory.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor noted that the construction was continuing rapidly in the 8-kilometer section of the Bursaray Kestel stage and that they were planning to start service in the middle of 2013 and said, “We previously constructed 9 kilometers on the Görükle and Emekt line. With the opening of 8 kilometers, the 17-kilometer rail system will be implemented. With the activation of Cumhuriyet Caddesi and T 1 line, we have implemented a total of 24,5 kilometers in a period. When the project is implemented, the load on the Ankara highway will be significantly reduced. "The east and west of the city will meet."

Source: UAV

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 15:44

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