Investor to pay money to state | Marmaray

Investor to pay money to state | Marmaray
Thanks to the large infrastructure investments such as the third bridge, the third airport, Marmaray and the metro, the increase in the value of its real estate will pay the 45 of the increasing value to the state and municipalities. With this method, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is planning to generate 3 billion in annual revenue from Istanbul.
The Draft Law on Building Inspection prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and recently announced by VATAN is still under discussion, while a draft arrangement will be carried out by hundreds of thousands of citizens in hundreds of neighborhoods, mainly in Istanbul. it was understood that it would eliminate the charm. In particular, construction companies fear that the law in question would deter investment areas. Those who prepare the draft account only make a minimum of 3 billion in revenue per year considering the investments to be made in Istanbul in the upcoming period.
If the draft is enacted in this form, it is the 3, which has been built in Istanbul with hundreds of neighborhoods. Bridge, 3. The airport will have to pay money to the state due to major investments such as the Marmara highway project, TOKI investments, the metro and Marmaray. In the article 32 of the draft, if there is an increase in the value of real estates in a region with the investments made, it is foreseen that the citizens who are immovable in the region will receive as much money as 45 of the increasing value. Accordingly, for example 3. if the value of the house is 100 thousand liras to 300 thousand liras, the 200 will have to pay the 45 thousand pounds 90 thousand pounds XNUMX thousand pounds to the Ministry and the municipality. In the same way, the metro investment will pay thousands of Turkish liras for the increase in the value of the citizens' home in the neighborhoods adjacent to the region where the big highway is invested. Şişli, Zeytinburnu, Küçükçekmece on the route of big investments at the head of the neighborhoods where the draft will hit Halkalı, Maltepe, Ataşehir, Çatalca, Çerkezköy, Sarıyer and Dilovası, Gebze and Beykoz regions are coming. Also 3. In the districts where the airport will be established and the ways in which it will connect with the city, the citizens will have to pay money on the grounds that the value of the real estate will increase.
Worse still, as many times so far, an organization such as the IMO or the chamber of architects, who will stop the execution of this regulation or cancel them in the courts, will not be clear this time. Because the same draft simultaneously changes the structure of the TMMOB and its affiliated rooms and eliminates the room opposition.
Here's 32. Matter
“In the zoning plan and amendments to be made based on the requests of private law real and legal persons or public institutions and organizations subject to private law provisions, 45 percent of the increased value as a result of the amendment in addition to the acquired zoning right in the existing civil zoning plans of the parcels is taken as the share of value increase to the public. 30 percent of the amount calculated as the value increase share is paid to the ministry and 70 percent to the administration that approves the plan change. Within the boundaries of the metropolitan municipality, the amount received by the relevant administration is shared equally between the metropolitan municipality and the relevant district municipality.
A strange example…
Let's say that you have a land with a current value of 150 thousand in Sarıyer Garipçe Village. After the construction of the Third Bridge and connection roads, the square meter prices of your land have doubled and rose to 300 thousand pounds. You will pay the 150 45 67 of 500 thousand pounds. 30 pounds 20 pounds 250 pounds 70 pounds 47 250 pounds, XNUMX XNUMX pound XNUMX pounds will go to the town safe.




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