81 Japan

500km to Japan

High-speed train to be developed by Japan Central Railways company will reach 500 km speed per hour. Japan has announced its project to develop the fastest train in the world. Magnetic levitation train (Magnev) class [more…]

History of trams in Konya

Konya Tram Tender Skoda Company

The tender for the purchase of 17 tram vehicles - 2012 spare parts and a deray equipment for renewing the existing tram fleet, made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on 60 October 58, was concluded. Konya Tramway [more…]

41 Switzerland

Arthur Flury Agency's (AF) Visits Turkey

Arthur Flury Company made a customer visit. Area Insulators and Insulators produced by Arthur Flury company (AF) located in Switzerland, represented by DeSA Company, and widely and effectively used by many countries in the world, including Turkey. [more…]

marmaray map
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Wagons Arrived

The wagons and sets that will travel on Marmaray, one of Turkey's most important transportation projects, were brought from South Korea. The company, which received the tender within the scope of the tender for the supply of vehicles, has some of the Marmaray Wagons assembled. [more…]


What is chairlift?

What is a chairlift? Those installed in ski centers are mostly chair-shaped, while those working between camps and settlements are mostly cabin-shaped. Cabin shaped ones in some countries [more…]