Intercity Railways

Massive merger in logistics

Borusan Lojistik acquired Balnak Logistics. Borusan Holding CEO, Agah Uğur, stated that the total turnover of the two companies will be 600 million dollars as of today and Turkey's largest logistics company. [more…]

16 Bursa

In Bursa on Altparmak

Bursa Mayor Altepe, T1 line Altparmak investigations in the investigation, the work will be completed 20 day after the face of Altiparmak'ın completely change, he said. All of the tram lines starting in this period along with the metro lines [more…]


Army Ski Lift Project Fiasco?

Ordu Cable Car Project Fiasco? Ordu Mayor Seyit Torun's "There is a great need, the Cable Car Project, which he called our 40-Year Dream", in the name of not being able to see the future, where the people of Ordu throw 12 trillion liras on the street [more…]


Who took the Konya Tram tender?

In Konya, where trams of half a century are used, the trams called İpekyolu, which were produced in Bursa before the Konya Tram tender, were also on the agenda. Tender for 60 new trams planned to be used in public transportation 17 October [more…]


What's going on in the port of Tirebolu?

THOSE TAKING THE WAYS WITH THE MAGAZINE 'THE RAILWAY TO COME TO TIREBOLU, THE FISHERMAN'S SHELTER NEEDS TO BE CONVERTED TO A PORT', SECRETLY SERVES THOSE WHICH SERVES RENEWAL. Tirebolu Fisherman's Shelter, which has been under construction for 25 years, has been close to completion. [more…]


19.Yüzyılda Railway and Development in Photographs

The Railroad and Its Development in the 19th Century in Photographs The development of the railroad in the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be seen in the historical images below. We recommend you to see those old locomotives oscillating and passing through the railway in the photos. Request [more…]


Tülomsaş 2023e 1 to Carry Billion Euro

Tulomsas billion euros 2023 1 to 118 years of experience will move our country attracts railway and knowledge-drawn vehicles that meet the needs of Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) to the national economy and employment [more…]


Tram Disgrace in Gaziantep! ..

A tram crashed into a vehicle in Gaziantep, and when another tram failed, the passengers got off the tram and hit the road. The new light rail system, which started its services in Gaziantep on March 1, 2011, [more…]