200 million euros loan for Marmaray project

200m-euro loan for the Marmaray project: One of the biggest contributions to the Marmaray Project came from the European Investment Bank. It was announced that a loan of 200 million Euros was provided from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the financing of Marmaray.

In the statement made by the Treasury on the subject, the following information was given: “Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci- within the scope of Marmaray Project being carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments.Halkalı The Loan Agreement was signed between the Undersecretariat of the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Bank to provide additional financing in the amount of 200 million euros for the Sub-project Improvement and Electromechanical Systems sub-project.

In the Marmaray project, which consists of three sections in total, the first stage completed was the BC1 Rail Tube Tunnel pass and Stations project. The Bosphorus Crossing section (BC1 Convention), which is considered the most important stage of the Project, was carried out by the Taisei / Kumagei-Gama-Nurol Joint Venture. The cost was announced as 3,3 billion pounds.

The second part, CR1 Subbase Lines Improvement

Haydarpasa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı In this section, which covers the improvement of the suburban lines, 4,5 km. 10, the European side of the 2 extra line is planned to open. The cost is calculated as 1 billion 42 million Euros.

The third and final part of the project is CR2 Railway Vehicle Supply.
2014 was planned to be purchased by 440 until 586. Some of these vehicles were completed for the Bosphorus crossing. But especially with the opening of the suburban line, it is planned to buy more cars. Vehicles are provided by the Ministry of Transport. The purchase cost of these vehicles is XNUMX million dollars.

In other words, Marmaray Project has set off with an investment cost of 2.6 billion Euros in total. 1.1 billion Euros of it is already financed with the completion of the Bosphorus crossing. A portion of 1.5 billion Euros remains. In order to finance this part, 200 million Euros of support came from the EIB.

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