Spain, the Declaration of Interests had to Railway Projects in Turkey

between Spain and Turkey at the summit held today, railway projects was also discussed within the framework of Turkey's 2023 plan. The Spanish side has declared its willingness to continue cooperation on this matter.
In the joint declaration issued at the end of the Fourth Intergovernmental Summit, the following statements regarding economic relations were given:
Turkey and Spain, especially in road transport road and maritime transport, using the versatile attain sustainability in the transport direction of the intense interest, including the composition of transport were underlined. Both countries congratulated each other for the current close cooperation in rail transport and smooth relations in this regard. Considering the successful results in the development of the high speed train, Spain declared that it is pleased with the current Spanish participation in this regard and is willing to continue cooperation not only in the high speed train projects in the future, but also in ambitious plans for the development of the Turkish conventional railway network as planned in 2023.
Both sides encouraged the two institutions to continue to work together to win the projects of third countries, considering that the contributions of the two countries will add value to the international process, taking into account the framework of cooperation established between the public institutions Adif and Tcdd in 2008 and then expanded in 2011.

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