Suburban Expeditions May Be Suspended for Six Months Due to İZBAN Strike

Let us finish this strike immediately.
Let us finish this strike immediately.

Izmir, which carries a huge burden in the city transportation of İZBAN, who work in the mechanics, station and maintenance staff, the demands expressed by the 20 month for not fulfilling and ignoring the action since the early hours of the morning has ended!

İZBAN A.Ş officials called five people to the management office and announced their decisions to the other employees waiting outside and to the public. According to this decision, 13 drivers who did not perform their duty last night stated that there would be absolutely no return, and that they would not take a step back on the raise and if necessary, they would stop İZBAN flights for six months. Speaking on behalf of the union, Selahattin Çetin said that their actions will continue and that they will go to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with their families after leaving here. Stating that they do not accept any of their friends to be dismissed, Çetin; “They haven't even sent a thank you message to our phones for two years. We worked so hungry, thirsty and devotedly. The only message they sent to our phones was the dismissal message they sent today in two years. You see the value that İZBAN A.Ş. gives us ”.

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