Nurettin Atamtürk: Long-term trouble-free operation of electronic recorders

In order to increase the service life of electronic recording devices that have entered the inventory of the rail system vehicles in various institutions and to ensure the smooth operation of them, some issues have to be emphasized and enlightened.

Electromechanical tachometers and tachographs were used to measure only the distance and speed of the vehicle in rail system vehicles. These devices have been used because of the difficulties of operating an old technology in our time and the lack of economical spare parts consumption. Instead, electronic recorders, which are more easily operated and have various functions in our computer environment, have been widely and effectively used for many years.

In our country, the electronic recording devices used in the locomotives and rails of TCDD have been put into operation today in tram and metro vehicles. In addition to the simplicity of the use of old electromechanical recording devices, the maintenance and maintenance of these devices has been simplified with the design of the software and hardware.
In the framework of the development and change concept required by the modern age in the operation of human-oriented rail system vehicles, the convenience of these facilities and facilities can be achieved by providing the comfort, speed and safety that are the basic principles of public transportation.

The companies that choose to be the leader and the model of Istanbul-Transport as their target and purpose give priority to human life with the saving considerations in the material dimension. As a matter of fact, many recording functions of these devices prevent accidents and save naturally by ensuring effective and timely control and prevention.
On the other hand, the main issue that needs to be considered and evaluated is the long-term maintenance and maintenance of these devices. In case of failure of these devices in many international companies, the service of the vehicles can be carried out in such a way that they are legally prevented and can be serviced and received a certificate of service. This increases the safety and life of the device and prevents an additional consumption. A significant portion of maintenance and repairs are carried out by software programs. Special testing tools and devices are required for maintenance and repair of equipment.

The other main feature of electronic recording devices is the development of software programs and the device shows its fault in leds or software.
Again, recording data from these devices can be accessed from the current location via WI-FI wireless communication as far as possible with laptop and flash memory. Therefore, these data can be analyzed and evaluated in computer environment.

Car service programs, maintenance times, consumed fuel and energy as well as errors in the use of drivers can be obtained in graphical and tabular form with statistical results and reports. This is of great importance in fleet management and provides ease of administration. In terms of the economic value of the price of the device in terms of looking at the price and only the speed and distance registration to limit the business is a reality experienced.
Because the quality of service provided by the electronic recording devices and the value added to the vehicle with a wide horizon has been a vision of the vision.

Therefore, in order to ensure the long service life of the recorders, the maintenance and repair of the recording devices in a timely manner will be carried out in a timely manner with the authorized personnel and special tools and test devices.

Source: Nurattin Atamturk

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