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izban collective bargaining agreement continues to disagree tcdd and soyere initiative call
izban collective bargaining agreement continues to disagree tcdd and soyere initiative call

The fact that the mechanics working in İZBAN Inc. did not wait for the results of the negotiations on collective bargaining agreements and did not come to the duty regions without informing the law and did not run the trains, caused the great suffering of the people of İzmir.

Employees of an organization carrying more than one thousand passengers per day 170 have no right to create chaos in the city transportation by taking such action regardless of their reasons. This action is in violation of the law when collective bargaining negotiations are in progress and the process of the High Arbitral Tribunal is in progress. In our country, employees in the public transport sector cannot act on strike or work slowdown.

The 13 mechanic who started the initiative of the people of Izmir to take the public transportation rights was terminated due to their illegal activities. Furthermore, an expanded investigation is under way.

İZBAN A.Ş., which started its pre-operation with passengers on 30 August 2010, is an institution that trains and trains its own personnel. Our machinists, who are generally vocational high school and vocational school graduates, have been subjected to a 6-month training process after their job applications and are then entitled to receive their badges. kazanthey are wise.

750 01 2011 12 6 12 25 950 1.197 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX At the end of the subsequent XNUMX month, collective bargaining negotiations continued, while the average XNUMX raise was made on average. One-year hike rate is over XNUMX in total. At the moment, the lowest salary is XNUMX TL. The lowest salary, along with road, food and subsistence reductions, reached XNUMX TL. This number will be increased in terms of the past and the date of the High Arbitration Board.

İZBAN A.Ş. is a young company that produces public services, while on the one hand it sees the social opportunities of employees and on the other hand uses public resources in the most efficient way.

At this stage; we declare that the collective bargaining agreements continue in the natural flow of the negotiations, we will conclude that the decision will be reached by the High Arbitral Tribunal and the compromise will be realized.

In order to prevent the victimization of the people of Izmir due to the action in question, the city transportation system was revised in the early hours of the morning and feeds were provided to ESHOT buses especially in the regions where workplaces and schools are concentrated.

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