TÜVASAŞ international arena continues to represent Turkey.

TÜVASAŞ is participating in the world's largest international rail fair in Berlin, Germany, held between 18-21 September 2012.
Taşıy Inno Trans 2012 en railway technology is the biggest fair in the, railway, area around the world, where innovations in the field of infrastructure, tunnel construction and passenger transportation and the companies exhibiting the end points they have come from.
Before that, the participants from the 2010 country, which was held in the last 45 and participated by TÜVASAŞ, exhibited the innovative products and technology of 2 bin 243. The 103 exhibition, which is attended by a total of 2012 visitors from more than a hundred countries, aims for more visitors in XNUMX.
Despite intensive administrative and production pace, especially in the international field of labor work and time to announce the name of Turkey voicing reserve TÜVASAŞ General Director İbrahim ERTİRYA the 'Inno Trans Berlin 2012 related to the fair; Id İnno Trans fairs are one of the most prestigious railway technologies fair in the city of Berlin, Germany. We took part in the fair where the most important railway technologies, infrastructure, tunnel construction and passenger transportation companies from the world and European countries participated to the fair, and we represented and represented our country. We exhibit our production and quality in our booth. We have experienced the opportunity to introduce ourselves to many countries and companies in the fair area. Since 2002, as the TÜVASAŞ 'İnno Trans Berlin' fairs, 6. times attending. We are aiming to introduce our wagons to the whole world and continue to export to European Union (EU) countries as we do to Bulgaria. Biz

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