Domestic and National Production Mobilization with TCDD and ARUS Cooperation

National and National Production Mobilization with the cooperation of TCDD and ARUS: Within the scope of the national and national production mobilization, Ulaşım Collaboration Day for Internationalization ve was held at the OSTİM Conference Hall on 18 July 2017 Tuesday with the cooperation of TCDD and Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS).

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Suat Hayri Aka, General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınGeneral Managers of the Subsidiaries of TCDD, ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir, OSTİM President Orhan Aydın, ARUS member companies, TCDD and the subsidiaries of TCDD participated.


Starting his speech by recalling the anniversary of the 15 July and committing martyrs to God and wishing healing to veterans, Aka said that as the Ministry, they were in an effort to make the most investment possible within the framework of budgetary opportunities.

2003 347 347 annually by the Ministry of investment that expresses Aka, "Even if we remember the difficulties of paying even the salaries of staff, this XNUMX billion pounds investment and where we come from, the importance of where we will be better understood." He said.

Underlining that an investment of more than 60 billion pounds was made for the railway sector during this period, Aka continued: ayı In our railways, a large number of projects have been carried out, including the renewal of existing lines, high-speed and high-speed trains, logistics centers, signaling and electrification, and are being carried out. I hope the 2023 3.500 high-speed projects, 8.500 km high-speed, as well as our 2023 high-speed line as well as our conventional lines will be all electric and signal. Until the 7 year, all of our total 21 logistics center, already opened for XNUMX units, will be opened. N

Referring to the issue of domestic and national production in the railway sector, Aka emphasized that in addition to these projects, we should focus on domestic and national production in the railway sector and create our own national brands for our economic independence.

Aka said that significant distances have been taken in this regard, even until the most simple materials are imported, today attracted and withdrawn vehicles, TCDD has become able to produce in its Subsidiaries, he said.


Undersecretary Aka said that the production of the First Domestic Anatolian Diesel Train Set, the National Diesel Engine and the E-1000 National Electric Locomotive in TÜVASAŞ were carried out at TÜLOMSAŞ and the National Freight Car Company was successfully carried out at TÜDEMSAŞ. Diz Domestic and National Scissor Transportation at Ankara Ray Kaynak Factory I congratulate all those who have contributed to the great labor, time and currency savings by successfully completing the wagon project. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Minister who gave great support and gave us great support in domestic and national production as well as in every issue. Her

As a ministry, UDHB Undersecretary Suat Hayri Aka stated that they aim to make railway connections to all organized industrial zones and addressed to industrialists at the end of his speech; industrialists, product tests, all kinds of tests that can do with laboratories TCDD Ankara Behiçbey Railway Research and Technology Center (DATEM) asked to have.


TCDD General Manager at the meeting İsa Apaydın under the leadership of our President and the Prime Minister, under the leadership of our Prime Minister, and under the support of our government, underlining that a new railway mobilization has been launched, so far under the mobilization of the 60 billion liras has been invested on the railways and the golden age of living stressed.

Apaydın, with these investments, especially YHT projects, including the realization of large projects, "developed countries, such as our country introduced high-speed train technology and comfort." He said.

Apaydın noted that the construction of high-speed train projects from Bursa to Bilecik, from Konya to Adana, Mersin and Gazintep was under way, and also gave information about renewed lines, modernization works, urban rail system projects, logistics center projects.

Apaydın underlined that TCDD is restructuring itself as a infrastructure operator within the scope of the Freedom Process of the Railway Sector.


I As one of the most established institutions of our country, we have not only built our homeland with iron nets. With the development of the railway industry in our country and the national and national production, we have made significant efforts and continue to do it. AD , again with the support of TCDD KARDEMIR'de said that the production of rails.

Apaydın touched upon the projects carried out by TCDD and its Subsidiaries in the development of the national railway industry; Un Subsidiaries of TCDD The production of our first National Freight Wagon in TÜDEMSAŞ has been successfully completed with TÜVEMAS. The production of the National Diesel Engine and the E-1000 National Electric Locomotive was completed in TÜLOMSAŞ and reduced to the tracks. First Domestic and National Scissor Carriage Wagon was produced in Ankara Ray Kaynak Factory. İlk

YTD 19 sets of services in the YHT service to the YHT fleet, 106 to add a further set of projects that are running Apaydin, the YHT 60 53 and 16 74 units of the number of XNUMX and XNUMX XNUMX number of places will be produced as the National Train said.


Iz Our Subsidiaries in TÜLOMSAŞ with the National High Speed ​​Train Set and TÜVASAŞ'da New Generation National Electric Train Set and New Generation Diesel Train sets continue to work intensively, il he said. Il We aim to produce the National Electric Train sets with minimum 60 locality rates. We do not see these localities enough. We will continue our efforts to increase the locality rates further. M Apaydın, TCDD and its Subsidiaries within the scope of domestic and national production studies while continuing to meet the sector's need for qualified manpower and railroad industry in order to form the relevant universities are supported by non-governmental organizations said. Apaydın, TCDD'in "Union of Union, Power Union and National Brand" belief in the establishment of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems cluster established in the year since its inception, he said.

TCDD General Manager Apaydın, 20 member of 170 province and 32 employees of the ARUS member companies with 450 48 60 percent of the XAMI 224 up to the tramway, trambus and light metro, including a total of XNUMX transportation vehicles to produce as a national brand, he added.

In the morning session of the program, following the protocol speeches, presentations were made by the officials of the Subsidiaries of TCDD about the promotion and activities of their companies.

In the afternoon session of the program, ARUS member 75, with its expert staff of TCDD and its Subsidiaries, conducted face-to-face meetings with the local authorities regarding the supply of domestic products.

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