AK Party Raises Train from Kayseri to Ankara for Congress

Ak Party Kayseri Provincial President Ömer Dengiz said that they will attend the big congress on Sunday, with a party of nearly a thousand people, 21 of whom are delegates, and that 700 people, among them, will arrive in Ankara by the train they call "Ak tren". Dengiz said:
"Draw attention to the railways, our delegates a safe manner, to ensure reach large batches congress in Ankara in Turkey by signing a policy, we have applied a different concept. We rented the train, consisting of 2 locomotives and 11 wagons to be built on Sunday, for 18 thousand TL, and paid the price in advance. ”
Young people, women and men with the party, boarded the wagons of the train taken to Kayseri station and examined them. Ak Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Dengiz, while showing the inside of the wagon to young people and women, “I think you understand why we prefer the railway. Because, it is a comfortable and safe journey. ” Dengiz stated that 300 of the parties who could not get on the train and should go to Ankara in advance will travel by bus and cars.
Meanwhile, the party youth hung a nazar bead made of balloons on the locomotive, the poster of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the Turkish flag on both sides. 'Great nation, Great Power' with Ak Parti flag on both sides of locomotives and wagons. Target 2023 ″ article was hanged. The train called 'Ak tren', rented by the Ak Party Kayseri Organization, will depart from Kayseri from Ankara at tomorrow at 22.00:06.00 tomorrow. The train will be at Ankara station on Sunday morning at 22.00. The private train will depart from Ankara to return to Kayseri at XNUMX on Sunday.

Source: News

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