'Walking Stairs' in Adana Metro

📩 25/11/2018 13:49

Construction of the 13 year ago and 533 million dollars spent in the 2010 year of service in the Adana Metro station in the form of the escalator in the descent and exit, although the lack of escalators raises some questions. While the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana has been paying attention to these shortcomings while receiving the subway from the contractor firm, it is also difficult for the citizens to be missing the walking bands that should be present in the form of ups and downs in metro stations.
Especially elderly people, pregnant women and citizens who want to get out of the subway station have to climb the stairs while the walking belt is forced to climb down the stairs. Citizens, this time down the stairs are forced to reach the wagons. In other words, the job of the citizen of Adana Metro seems to be a bit of luck.
In the 2009 annual report of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the amount of debt to be paid by Adana Metro was shown as 344 million 882 thousand liras. Adana Metro, which is built using a Treasury-guaranteed external loan, is deducted by 40% from the Adana Metropolitan Municipality's Iller Bank allowance. Adana's metro loan repayment will continue until 2023, according to the projected schedule.
The TCA's report on irregularities in metro payments leaked to the press before the 29 March 2009 local elections. In the decision of the 5th Chamber of the Court of Accounts in January 2008, it was stated that the contractor company was paid 2000 million 9 thousand 63 dollars overpayment in 513, and accordingly 2 million 390 thousand 211 dollars VAT was paid to the contractor company, resulting in public loss. The 5th Chamber of the Court of Accounts determined the amount of overpayment as 7 million 32 thousand 351 liras, taking into account the dollar exchange rate.
Six municipal bureaucrats were shown responsible for the public damage claim. Meeting the issue of overpayment as usual, Aytaç Durak said, “Progress payments are temporarily signed. You cannot know at what level the construction is in every progress. It has pros or cons. If there is a wrong payment on the next win, you will be dropped. Error can be made, if there is an error, it will be returned ”.

Source: Çukurova Press


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