Incorrect Names Given Metro, Ankaray and Başkentray Stations

The names of some of our rail system stations make people mislead. The names have not been corrected for many years.
A1 Dikimevi-AŞTİ Ankaray Line
DEMİRTEPE: Demirtepe station was formerly known as NOKTA stop. It doesn't have much to do with Demirtepe of the region.
BAHÇELİEVLER: A misleading name. The station is located in Emek neighborhood. It's called Labor-1.
EMEK: His place is not faulty but Emek-2 is more accurate.
M1 Kızılay-Batıkent Metro Line
ULUS: The Youth Park was more accurate. When the nation says, the Sculpture comes to people's minds.
IVEDİK: A name full of mistakes. It is given because it is at the head of Ivedik Street. But the main ivedik is Ivedik Mahallesi (Village) at the end of Anadolu Boulevard. There are some who think that Ivedik Station is in Ivedik OSB. There is even an accident that lands at Yenimahalle Station. His name should be Yenimahalle-1. Already that region is referred to as Yenimahalle 1st Stop.
It should have been Yenimahalle-2.
DEMETEVLER: Demetevler-1 should be. Already at the intersection point of Demetevler 1.Cadde.
HOSPITAL: They ask which hospital. It takes its name from Oncology Hospital, but it is quite a distance from there. Better if Demetevler-2 or the neighborhood it is located in
M2 Red Crescent-Çayyolu Metro Line
VILLAGE SERVICES: There should be another name since there is no such institution
M3 OSB-Batıkent and M4 Keçiören-YHT Subway Line
I'm not gonna know exactly where they are.
Kayaş-Sincan Başkentray Line
HIPODROM: Nothing to do with the old hippodrome. They have given this name since there were no other settlements around. I think the schools are better.
GAZİ: Gazi Mahallesi easily interferes with the station. His name was more accurate than AOÇ.
MOTOR FAB: Although it got its name from the old aircraft engine factory, which is the old version of Türk Traktör, it is better if its name is Güvercin Yolu or AOÇ-2.


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