Demolitions started at Bursaray Lightning Stage

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the scope of accessible city work started in the Ankara Road six 30-meter zoning road works Lightning stage, began with the destruction of the Millet Mahallesi.
Aiming to solve the transportation problem in Bursa by rail system investments, the Metropolitan Municipality produces radical solutions for highway transportation with the new main arteries. As the only route to the city from the beginning to the end of the road due to the increasing every day, Ankara as an alternative to the project on the road to the construction of the road to the Eclipse 30-meter zoning project Osmangazi fast-paced work, the destruction of the Lightning stage began. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe investigating the work on the stage of the project passing through the boundaries of the National District of Yildirim district, the demolition of the expropriated 42 building has begun.
Mayor Altepe stated that the spaces which are seen as a way to the plans but which were built on the application were expropriated and then the road was demolished. I hope the works there will be completed in this summer months. The continuation of the same studies, the Lightning stage began with the destruction of the Millet Mahallesi. In line with this objective, we have expropriated the 30 building within the plans from the Gökdere-Samanlı Road to the Intersection Junction. Upon completion of the works, the main artery, whose entrance is from the Millet Mahallesi, will be connected to Yunus Emre Boulevard. Çalış
The main target of the road expansion work is to relieve traffic President Altepe, Bursa from the west to the east-south to the north with the main arteries they want to equip said. President Altepe said that the works in Yıldırım were started in line with this goal and added söyleyen When the works are completed, it will provide great prestige to the region. I would like to thank to Yıldırım Municipality, citizens and neighborhood residents who have made great contributions to the works. Already get better. Şimd
He also thanked the Mayor Recep Altepe for his contributions and the Mayor of Yıldırım Hikmet Aydoğdu stated that Yıldırım had been equipped with a service network thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality.

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