It was said that there should be no railway death road at Haydarpaşa Station

Istanbul Occupational Health and Safety Council announced last month's "Workplace Murders Report" at Haydarpaşa Train Station yesterday.
It was stated in the report that at least 69 workers died in May. In the Istanbul Haydarpaşa meetings held against the closure of Haydarpaşa Train Station, it was said this week that "Railway should not be a death road". The group consisting of members of the United Taşımacık Employees Union (BTS) gathered in front of Haydarpaşa Train Station yesterday at 13.00:1, firstly protested the closure of Haydarpaşa Train Station. Later, Mithat Ercan, BTS Istanbul No.69 Branch Training and Organization Secretary, read the "Work Murders Report" of the Istanbul Worker Health and Safety Council. Ercan stated that work-related killings continued throughout the country in May, regardless of whether men or women, and that at least XNUMX workers lost their lives.
Ercan stated that the most of the work murders were in construction, energy and seasonal agricultural sectors, while Diyarbakir, Istanbul and Izmir were the most intense work murders.
Ercan also drew attention to the railways of BTS 'line of business and said, “In the first five months, only over 20 railroaders were injured in train accidents. “We lost 4 railroad friends as a result of work murders”.
Finally, the statement said, "We are calling on the AKP government, the Ministry of Transport and the TCDD administration to put an end to the liquidation and subcontracting practices in the railways, under the name of restructuring, more work with less man," in order to stop these murders.
On the other hand, families who lost their lives in work-related murders continued their “conscience watch” this week in Galatasaray Square in Taksim, Istanbul. Families who demanded the trial of real perpetrators in work murders announced that they would continue their conscience watch until they heard no authority regarding work murders and precautions were taken.
10 workers died during the years of AKP
The response of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to a question about occupational accidents is like the confession of a great massacre. 2002-2011-10-804-XNUMX workers died in almost all occupational accidents
According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, there was a total of a thousand 2002 2011 735-803 years between accidents at work in Turkey. A total of 10 thousand 804 workers were killed and 14 thousand 665 people were disabled.
CHP Istanbul deputy Kadir Gökmen Advice given by parliamentary questions about the safety in Turkey has been answered by the Labor and Social Security Ministry. According to Turkey in response to the Ministry of experienced work-related accidents in the last year 10 735 thousand 803 10 804 thousand workers were killed. In these accidents, 14 thousand 665 workers were also crippled.
In addition, the Ministry's response to the 2005-2011 502 thousand occupational accidents between the years 287 bin 59'nun investigation was completed and others reported that the investigation continues.
According to the Ministry, Tuzla Shipyards Region, which has frequently been raised in the field of occupational accidents, has been investigated for 2003 fatal occupational accidents since 44.
According to International Labor Organization (ILO) data, every year 270 million work accidents occur in the world, one 15 per worker per second and about 6 thousand 300 people die every day due to occupational accidents or diseases. 160 million people suffer from occupational diseases.
The ILO, according to data in Turkey is 2010 In the 62 thousand 903 accidents at work and when determining 533 occupational disease cases, 10 occupational disease results in thousands 444 as a result of work accidents has lost a total of a thousand 454 working life. In Van, in Turkey with 30 21 work accident deaths, the highest death rate was noted to be seen as the province.

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