Sakarya light rail trains (rails) ordered.

Metropolitan Municipality, the new terminal between the city center will carry passengers between light rail trains (rails) ordered.
Set of three trains
It was announced by the Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu that the orders of the sets to be used for the light rail system to be implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality were given.
Light Rail System, which is planned to be implemented in our city, will take place in two stages in our city, in the first place, between the city center and the intercity bus terminal will be realized. Three train sets to be used on this line were rented from TCDD General Directorate. For the sets to be delivered at the end of July, the Metropolitan Municipality will pay a thousand TL per day.
500 will carry people
Two sets of 20 meters, with a length of 500 meters, will serve on a regular basis and one will be kept as a spare. Fully airconditioned, the three-wagon sets, which can be easily used by disabled people, will work in a reciprocal manner in 20 minutes. Electric sets can also be used in Kart54. E-23000 model suburban train sets will be made in the first stage of the arrangement will be made in the scope of planning, Adapazari Train Station and Intercity Bus Terminal between the 6-7 stop is expected to be made.

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