Europe's Fastest and Longest Rail System Test Center is Established in Eskişehir

Anadolu University (AU) Faculty of Engineering Electrical Electronics Engineering Department Faculty Member and Rail Systems Research Center Setup Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Doğan Gökhan Ece, in his statement to the AA reporter, stated that the test center roads of the towing and towing vehicles in Europe do not allow short and very high speeds, and they aim to carry out the tests that allow the longest and highest speed in Europe with the center in Eskişehir.
Professor Dr. Ece noted that Anadolu University Rail Systems Research Center, which will be established in Alpu district of Eskişehir, is under construction of a research center where certification tests of towed vehicles and components can be performed.
In this center, the product tests of all components related to rail systems produced by public and private institutions will be carried out. Dr. Ece, said:
“These speed tests must be done in order to determine the problems that may occur during the production of the towing and towing vehicles. In addition to being a certification center, it will also be a research and development center. It is also aimed to make personnel certification. The project will be completed by the end of 3, for 2015 years. The project is planned to be built with a 30-kilometer-long test, as well as a test road with 9-km deeper corners, as well as a tram test area. ”
- “We want to realize the test path, allowing the longest and fastest speed in Europe”
Professor Dr. Ece said that the planned and accepted budget of the project is around 100 million euros and that most of the investment is covered by AU's own resources.
Noting that this is a state project, it is a project that the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication want. Dr. Ece said, “There is one in the USA from this center. It is a very large and comprehensive center. It is located in the Czech Republic and Germany in Europe. Siemens's headquarters in Germany usually test their vehicles, but also provide certification and testing services. The roads of test centers in Europe are very short and do not allow very high speeds. We want to realize the test road that allows the longest and highest speed in Europe with the test center in Eskişehir. ”
- “The Center will be of great importance in the R&D and certification process” -
Such a center rail systems in Turkey will increase interest in the industry describing Prof. Dr. Ece continued as follows:
“Private and public institutions are required to certify the vehicles produced and drawn to sell abroad. These certificates can find very high costs when made in Europe. If the tests are carried out in our center, both the costs will be reduced and the money given will remain in the country. Public institutions need more in this regard. Central, rail systems in terms of R & D in Turkey and in the certification process will be of great importance in the rail sector gradually technology will enable us to be one of the host countries. What we want to do here in Turkey as well as meet the needs of both a manufacturer to provide the necessary technological environment where they want to be in terms of railway in Turkey. "

Source: AA

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