Caglayan: The Most Important Transfer and Logistics Centers of the world we want to bring

Ekonumi Minister Zafer Çağlayan, stating that many projects promised for Mersin have been implemented and that other projects are continuing, “Change and transformation is just beginning in Mersin. "We want to make Mersin one of the most important transfer and logistics centers in the world."
Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan in Mersin organized a meeting with a broad participation to evaluate his first year in the election district. Speaking at the meeting held in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Convention and Exhibition Center, Çağlayan evaluated the services provided to Mersin. Çağlayan explained that Çukurova International Airport was tendered on 15 December 2011, the application contract was signed on 26 January 2012, and the investment will be 36 million Euros in 357 months. Emphasizing that Mersin, which is one of the most important tourism centers of the Mediterranean, will take a share from tourism with the Tarsus-Kazanlı Tourism region, Çağlayan said, “With this investment, close to 100 people, not only for people who will work in the hotel, but also for food, textile, transportation, cleaning, furniture and entertainment. will create an incredible potential in the industry. In addition to this project, Karboğazı-Gülek was declared a Tourism Development Zone. The works of this region are being completed and allocation tenders will be made soon. Thus, winter and event tourism will be activated and Mersin will be a multi-faceted attraction in terms of tourism. Mersin's current location, transportation network, rail links, ports with the significance of Turkey's most important feature logistics center, we stressed to mobilize this potential, "he said.
Ro-Ro Caglayan also highlighted the importance of initiating Ro-Ro project envisaged by Egypt to the Red Sea through the Gulf states, the entire African continent to Europe through Turkey, said they would connect Asia. Çağlayan stated that they have implemented many projects they promised to Mersin and said:
“We made our plans and prepared their budgets and necessary economic, social and legal infrastructure. Change and transformation are just beginning in Mersin. We want to make Mersin one of the most important transfer and logistics centers in the world. Mersin, tourism potential, agricultural potential, with not only Turkey's geographical location and its neighbors, the countries of the Far East and European countries will also consider to be a logistics center. We will do our projects one by one.



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