Manufacture of trams and wagons in Bursa

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) President Celal
Sönmez, v Bursa textile and automotive after the production of a tram and wagon
It is becoming a center, merkezi he said.
Sönmez, BTSO's monthly publication aylık Bursa Ekonomi O magazine
In his statement, Bursa, the city of the firsts, he said.
This is the first textile product of the country, the first machine is produced in Bursa
Sonmez, industrialization regular basis in Bursa, Turkey's first organized thrown
noted that crosses with the industrial zone.
According to the research done in the city most happy to be invested
Emphasizing that entrepreneurs who are heard, Bursa are entrepreneurs,
He noted:
In Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of the entrepreneurs from Bursa are also
wants to continue entrepreneurship in this city. Bursa people, nature,
is a good life center with its location, country love and industriousness. Percent
100 domestic tram brand Silkworm, actually a good living center in this city
is the symbol of all things. Tram after Bursa, textile and automotive
and it becomes a production center in the wagon. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
under the leadership Durmazlar Silkworm produced by the machine
I congratulate everyone. h
Turkish entrepreneurs to the free market economy since 1980
Sönmez, who stated that he came with really big ordeals, continued as follows:
Uk We have struggled with economic crises every five years on average. Midnight
We experienced the periods when the backward laws were removed. The whole country at a time
half of the periods we saw the poor. Our ability to manage these crises
He is among the world's most resilient entrepreneurs. Today, Turkey is the world 17.
great economy. While the developed countries of the world struggle with the effects of the global crisis
We've played up the hill in two years in a row. Today we have a new target.
In 2023 2 is the world's 10 large by reaching an income in excess of trillion dollars
We aim to be one of the economy. In this way us Eurasia's middle and advanced
One of the key steps aimed at making technology production base is the new incentive
The regime was announced. re
Sonmez, the new incentives Bursa and the country's current account deficit will close
center of investments and strategic investments involving advanced technology
Emphasizing that he would, vurgu Interference skill, high human quality,
Bursa with its location and production experience
companies will be a serious center of attraction ”he said.

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