TCDD, 6 province will be applied in the field of garages

TCDD will apply spraying in some line sections between 24 April and 10 May 2012.

In the written statement made by TCDD, Marşandiz-Gar on April 24, Marşandiz Gar-Marşandiz-Irmak on April 25, Irmak-Çankırı on April 26, Çankırı-Karabük on April 27, Karabük-Zonguldak on April 30, Zonguldak-Irmak on May 1, Irmak-Yerköy on May 2. It has been reported that toxic chemical spraying will be carried out to dry the weeds in Yerköy-Kayseri on May 3, Kayseri-Ulukışla on May 7, Ulukışla-Ankara on May 8, Ankara-Eskişehir on May 9 and Eskişehir on May 10.

In the statement, the drugs used in the fight, human and animal health is an impressive feature, on the specified spraying route and in the fields near the 10 meters, 24 between April and 20 May be careful, the animals at the specified dates to graze the animals were asked to do the harvest.

Source: Time

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