The opening of Başakşehir Metro is in 2013

cherry olympic basaksehir metro stops and guzergahi
cherry olympic basaksehir metro stops and guzergahi

The opening date of the Başakşehir metro, which is stated to begin test drives in 2008, was postponed to March next year with a delay of 5 years. The project that IETT started in 2003 was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. In the project, 87 percent of which have been completed, the tunnel constructions have been completely completed, while the railway, rail and switch works have been completed to a large extent. In fact, 56 vehicles to work are waiting in the warehouse.

The opening of the Otogar-Başakşehir metro, one of the rail system lines under construction, to solve the traffic problem that infuriates the citizens in Istanbul, was left to 2013. The completion of the Bus Station-Başakşehir metro, which is stated to be opened at the end of 2008, is delayed for 5 years. The Bus Station-Başakşehir rail system, which was under construction as two separate lines with a length of 21,6 kilometers, was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality at the end of 2011. The rail system line, consisting of a total of 105 stations, which is planned to transport 16 passengers per hour, is planned to be put into service in 2013.

In accordance with the contract signed with the contractor company on July 2, 2003, the total tender price of the line is 1 billion 355 million dollars plus VAT with the increase in exploration. The official date given by the Metropolitan for the opening of the line, including the Bağcılar station, is 31 March 2013. Authorities announced that 87 percent of the excavation, construction and electromechanical works carried out in the tunnels and stations have been completed. As of the end of December 2011, 35 thousand 124 meters of tunnels were opened with (ON-CLOSE + NATM + TBM) methods.


The work on the line, which was stated to begin test drives at the end of 2008, could not be completed. The opening of the line will be made with a delay of 5 years. The first stage of the line was built as a light subway with a length of 5,8 kilometers and consists of 1 stations, Esenler-Menderes District-Çinçin-Bağcılar-Kirazlı 5. The second stage of 1 kilometers, starting from Kirazlı-15,8 Station, is built as a subway system and reaches Mahmutbey, İSTOÇ, İkitelli, İMES Industrial Site. The first of the metro line, which will follow 2 separate routes from here, will extend to Başakşehir Residence and the other to the Olympic Stadium. There will be a total of 16 stations in the subway and light metro line, which are built as a double tube.

The tunnels, railways, catenaries, rails and switches have been completed to a great extent, and 80 of the 56 vehicles that will work on the line have been taken to the warehouse area in the Olympic park. The works were carried out in three shifts with 600 people, and the under-rail concrete pavement, track laying, rail welding, catenary shooting and tunnel lighting are currently ongoing.

Bus Station-Başakşehir Metro Station

Line length: 21,7 km
Number of stations: 16 (Esenler, Menderes Mahallesi, Üçyüzlü, Bağcılar Square, Kirazlı, Yeni Mahalle, Mahmutbey, İstoç, Sites, Turgut Özal, Başak Houses, Metrokent, Ziya Gökalp District, Olympic, İkitelli Industry, Vehicle Warehouse)
Departure frequency: 2 minutes
Trip capacity: 105.000 passengers per hour
Operating speed 85 kilometers per hour.
Project start date: October 2005
End date: 31 March 2013
Integration status: It will merge with the Airport Line in Esenler. It will merge with Bakırköy IDO Metro Line in Kirazlı-1. In Kirazli 1 Halkalı It will merge with the Light Metro Line and the Tekstilkent Metro Line in Mahmutbey. With Ispartakule (Bahçeşehir) Metro Line in the Olympic Village.

Basaksehir Metro Stations

Esenler Station: Temporary acceptance deficiencies were completed. Concrete and iron reinforcement works were completed in the area. Esenler Viaduct continues to work on the project.

Menderes Station: At the station, peron floor reinforced concrete production works are continuing.

Three-way Station: Rough construction works and entry-exit structures were completed.

Bağcılar Meydan Station: Station delivery was made. Wall construction continues.

Kirazlı Station: The station continues its architectural and electromechanical works.

Yeni Mahalle: Thin construction works and electromechanical works continue.

Mahmutbey Station: Rough construction and entry-exit structures were completed. Architecture and electromechanical works are continuing.

İstoç Station: Reinforced concrete and architectural works are in progress.
İkitelli Industrial Station: The architectural works on the station where the reinforced concrete work is completed continue. Other parts of the station which was opened to traffic before 350 part is also ready for asphalt.

Turgut Özal Station: All mechanical fabrications are largely finished. Testing and commissioning are in progress.

Sites: All mechanical fabrications are largely completed. Eliminating shortcomings. Testing and commissioning in progress.

Metrokent, Başak Residences, Ziya Gökalp Mahallesi Station and Olympic: Electromechanical manufactures are largely finished. Testing and commissioning are in progress.

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