YHT Reaches Eskisehir Tourism

Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, high-speed train (YHT) 's citizens have seen great popularity, Eskişehir tourism almost lifted up, he said. Minister Yıldırım, Eskişehir to come the previous day of the death of his grandmother Mayor Burhan Odunpazarı [more…]

34 Istanbul

Campaign for Pink Metrobus

Saadet Party launched a petition campaign to support the women's pink metrobus recommendations. The parties gathered in Şirinevler Square to distribute bureaucrats to citizens and asked for support for the signature campaign. Saadet Party City Women in the name of the arms [more…]

966 Saudi Arabia

Cable car to the caves of Hira and Sevr

Visitors to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah worship are the most visited by the Prophet. Cable car system is installed in two caves where Mohammed is located in Mecca. Ummul Kurra University Pilgrimage Research Institute President Abdul Aziz Saroji, angel of revelation Gabriel (AS) 's [more…]


Konyalilar wants trams replaced

Citizens who did not forget the promises made in the 2009 local elections, mocked the 1980 model trams in Konya on Facebook. 1980 model trams, which eliminate an important deficiency for Konya in their first years and aroused excitement, do not want Konyalı anymore. Kayseri, Burssa, [more…]