16 Bursa

Babacan enjoying the cable car in Bursa

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, who attended the opening session of Uludağ Economic Summit, came to Bursa city center by cable car. Babacan had pleasant moments accompanied by the view of Uludağ and Bursa on the cable car. Ali Babacan, the Governor of Bursa Sahabettin Harput and Metropolitan Municipality accompanying him in the cable car [more…]

16 Bursa

7 Tane Tram from Germany to Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality ordered a new wagon when the demand for a nostalgic tram between Cumhuriyet Caddesi and Davutkadı became intense. 7 was ordered from Germany and the 3 was lowered to the railroad on Davutkadı İncirli Street. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's historical bazaar and [more…]


Model Trencilig Oskar Turkey's

2012-2 4 annually in the international model of trooting competition from different countries participating in the different fictions of different countries with the biggest difference in the history of the Selcuk-efes-meryemana themed model train kugusu was the first. Architect Abdurrahman Usta [more…]