Nükhet Işıkoğlu: In the footsteps of lost tracks

In the footsteps of lost rails Kağıthane - Kemerburgaz - Ağaçlı - Çiftalan Railway In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the first urban scale power plant of the country was established in the Kağıthane district on the shore of the Golden Horn of Istanbul. Silahtarağa power plant, Istanbul and especially Dolmabahçe palace [more…]

34 Istanbul

VAT to 3 bridge

The government will not receive VAT on projects related to health facilities with the projects under the BOT model. Coverage 3. The bridge is also entering. AKP Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan yesterday with a law proposal in the scope of the build-operate-transfer model projects to health facilities [more…]

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Accident on metrobus line

Road works in the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line in Istanbul, while driving in full swing yesterday morning an interesting accident occurred. On the E-5 highway on the Haramidere slope, a vehicle crashed into the 1.5-meter pit opened by the municipality for road construction. Lightweight [more…]


Eskişehir R & D Project Market activity.

Talat Aydın, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, açı If we make our train, plane, ship, road and communication vehicles with the original design, we will close our current account deficit and become a truly developed country Ulaştırma. Aydın, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry [more…]

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Metrobus 3 AY LONGER MORE!

Problems in the construction of Metrobüs do not end; 3 AY LONGER MORE! Avcılar-Beylikdüzü Metrobus line does not stop any problems. After the pouring of concrete and asphalt, the sewage line had problems. The asphalt was broken and the new pipe was laid. 3 months of work to continue [more…]


Uludağ Dondu Cable Car Services failed

Transportation to Uludag, which is one of the important centers of winter tourism minus 15 despite the cold did not interfere. The cable car, before the summers of the holidaymakers before Kadiyayla and then went to Sarıalan. Arab tourists in the cold and heavy snowfall interesting moments in the cable car [more…]