Pile-driving process started in Istanbul Golden Horn Transition

The process of driving the foundation piles of the bridge construction for the Golden Horn crossing of the Istanbul metro has started. The most important transition routes of the Istanbul metro are…
The construction of a bridge for the Golden Horn crossing of the Istanbul subway has started.
Piles manufactured for use in the construction of the Golden Horn metro bridge, which is one of the most important transit routes of Istanbul metro, were brought to Haliç. It is envisaged that the piling of all the piles will be completed on April 15. Following the nailing process, socket excavation and concreting process will be started from the pile floor to the bedrock and the bridge construction will be tried to be completed at the end of this year. There will be 4 carrier piles in groups of 5, 9 and 32, from Unkapanı to Beyoğlu, with a pile group under each foot of the Golden Horn subway bridge.
The steel pipes, which are moved by two separate cranes, are fixed to the sea by a crane with a lifting capacity of 800 tons and crashed with a special slant. In the construction, while 2 pieces excavation barges and a pump pontoon are being installed, security boats and trailers with various strengths are also working.

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