49 Germany

The strike did not end in Germany. The first of the strikes started today as a warning strike by the subway employees in Frankfurt, and it was reported that all day tram and subway will not work.

After the strikes of workers from foreign service and passenger services in Frankfurt and Berlin airports in Germany, the strike of the metro drivers began in Frankfurt. According to the information given by the German President Verdi, the Regional President of the State of Hesse, Jürgen Bothner. [more…]


The rail system is coming to Yenikent.

Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, AKP Adapazarı Advisory Council Meeting at the Yenikent light rail transportation project will implement the sistek said. Advisory Committee gathered AKP Adapazarı District Advisory Council Meeting was held in Orhangazi Cultural Center. Meeting, AKP [more…]



TCDD Purchasing Manager Yakup Guven said: ın With the right sanctions, the railroads came to trust. Railways in our country not only in freight transportation, but in the defense industry there is a difference in the railroads ın. He added that the private sector share in the railway sector is 50. [more…]


The revolution started in the railways

TCDD Purchasing Manager Yakup Güven said, güven With the right sanctions, railways came to trust. There is a difference of railways in our country not only in freight transport but also in defense industry. ” The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Purchasing Director James Trust, 50 years [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa - Tram

Yenişehir Airport and Bursa's nostalgic tram are two identical twin brothers and sisters ehir When Yenişehir couldn't give up what was expected of itself, Bursa began to look for ways to return to Yunuseli within itself. Nostalgic has created a similar silence to that of Yenisehir in its region; [more…]

34 Istanbul

Representatives of Logistics Sector Meet.

TC Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun meets with Logistics Sector Representatives in Istanbul Maltepe University at Istanbul Maltepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences will be held this year by the International Trade and Logistics Management Department 3. [more…]