Vehicles entering the tramway road will be identified by EDS,

The Metropolitan is preparing to take measures against EDS at the central points of Istanbul. The application was first put into service on the Tersane Street in Karaköy.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, against the red light and safety strip violations as well as trades that occupy roads and sidewalks also took action. The Metropolitan Municipality has launched a camera monitoring system in the central areas, in particular, by introducing the Electronic Auditing System (EDS) against the occupations occupying the road. In order to minimize traffic violations and to increase deterrence, it has been recorded that the system will be expanded at the points where the violations are the highest in the city. Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Provincial Security Directorate, red light, safety lane and tram road violations as well as the road occupied by the EDS will rain the criminal. The first application in this direction was realized at Tersane Street which is known as Karaköy Perşembe Pazarı. Istanbul's largest engine, lathe, spare parts, hardware, taps, such as the center of the trade center Thursday Market, Unkapanı Bridge from Galata Bridge extends a very wide coastal area. In the Thursday Market where a messy image dominates, wholesalers, especially on the street, occupy Tersane Street and cause traffic congestion. Considering this situation, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality first launched the EDS in this region. Having achieved great success in the implementation of the EDS, the Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to put the application into practice in the streets where traffic noise is intense.

Source: Star



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