Intelligent transportation comes to Istanbul

The citizen will be able to get to the point where he wants to go with which means of transport, transfer points, alternative routes, mobile public transportation navigation without departing.

Nebahat Koç reported from Akşam Newspaper that citizens will be able to know which public transportation means they should use with more than one route option. In addition, the system will also be provided with information on how many minutes to reach the specified point. Web-based application for the use of public transport navigation system was produced.

Metro, metrobus, train, tram, funicular, sea buses, city lines, tunnels, buses, minibuses and dolmus lines were put into the system in accordance with public transport navigation and EU data standards. Tests are underway for Istanbul residents to benefit from the system. It is learned that the system will be put into service in the coming months. Systematic improvements to the project are aimed at making the transportation systems' communication with each other and creating a 'smart public transportation' structure.

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