Karşıyaka Tram Project infuriated district residents

Karşıyaka Tramway Project has disturbed the residents of the district: Measures that have not been taken in the regions where the tram construction has been made and the images that have emerged set out with the claim of 'Marka Kent' Karşıyakamade unrecognizable. District residents reacted on social pollution to street pollution and measures not taken during construction. The citizens, who claimed that the measures were insufficient in the 100-meter area in front of the Vilayets Mansion, photographed the suffering they experienced and shared it on the social media with the message "Wow, this is the value of human life in this country". The citizens, who claimed that the construction was not inspected, also stated that they wrote to the Metropolitan City but could not get any results. In the shares, “Although no measures are taken, six palms of each palm are filled. Leave the European city, you cannot see them in the village. ”

Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, Head of Izmir Planners Chamber of City Planners, who evaluated the photographs for the New Century, said: “For big projects in Europe, possible damage to the environment and human health is determined during the construction phase of the application and an action plan is prepared. However, unfortunately, this process is not followed. ”

'This expectation is meaningless'

Emphasizing that the project was carried out on a controversial route, Kocaer said, "It is meaningless to wait for such an application even when the route is still controversial in the scientific plane."



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