324 to make 14 set metro vehicle for use in Ankara Metro

The surprise of the tender specifications was the 75 for the first 30 of the sets to be purchased and the 249 for the remaining 51. Industrialists immediately began organizing the production of subway / rail system vehicles consisting of trains and wagons to create a market of 2023 billion euros up to 10.

ANKARA - Turkey, about 8-10 billion euro market in the industrial sector is opening to the industrialists. Turkish industrialists will thus produce domestic metro / rail system vehicles before the domestic automobile.

Turkey, in the international market as well as the domestic market during the year 15 descendants will have a say about taking a critical step. The Ministry of Transport opened a tender to be held in 324 in February to buy an 14 set metro vehicle for the Ankara Metro. In the tender specifications, 14 sets the 'percent 75 domestic industry contribution' for the 30 set to be delivered per month. The remaining 249 vehicle '51 domestic contribution' wanted. the Ministry of subway and rail vehicles this step will create a new industry moves in Turkey has created great excitement.

Approximately 600 million euros for the tender 'domestic requirement' to bring up the agenda and the government for this by the government of the Chamber of Industry (ASO) management, development as a good news to the industrialists announced.

It was learned that ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir will announce the press in a recent press conference. Ministry of Transportation to be used in subway and rail system in Turkey is supposed to provide up to 2023 years 5 thousand toolkit. Each set of tools consists of a minimum 4-5 wagon. It is calculated that the total economic value of this will find 8-10 billion euros. For this reason, this tender, which will overcome the lane for Turkish industrialists in metro / rail vehicles, is critical for the domestic industry.

Domestic contribution surprise

14 will take the 324 set metro vehicle for the Ankara Metro in the tender, which was decided to be held in February. Each set consists of a minimum 4-5 wagon. In the tender specifications, a first in Turkey is experiencing.

Accordingly, the ministry will purchase the 'domestic contribution' for the subway vehicles by determining the rates, put into the specification. According to the specification, the whole 324 set vehicle will be delivered in 29 monthly. The Ministry required the first 75 to be delivered on the 14 month. In these first party vehicles, the rate of domestic contribution was determined as 30. So, the 30 of these tools will be the indigenous industry.

In the production of the remaining 249 set vehicle 'domestic contribution rate' was required to be 51%. Thus, the ground was created to make the leap into the domestic industry in metro and rail vehicles.

We will prepare to tender

In order to bring the contribution requirement for the domestic industry, ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir, who has been striving for both the Government and the Ministry of Transport, has evaluated the development as follows:

Ada The number of companies in the world that produce it is certain. as ASO, which companies can make this work in Turkey, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir, who can work all this work because we did a study in the domestic industry in Turkey. We will prepare for this tender. We already have at least 10 companies that can do this. for international manufacturing companies in the world on this issue we have found that domestic firms engaged in production in Turkey. The groundbreaking of this tender and domestic contribution by the Ministry of Transport is a groundbreaking step. Turkey needs to 15 5.5 thousand vehicle sets in total during the year. Today, the total monetary size is calculated as 8-10 billion euros. In other words, a domestic market of 10 billion euros is opened.

In Bursa, they cost 3 million dollars instead of 1

President of ASO Nurettin Özdebir, the tender specifications of the national contribution to the budget would be of great benefit to the budget, he noted. At this point, for example, that Özdebir Bursa, said: "A tool that locals use doped and Turkey, will be an important reference to the whole world. There are a few companies in the world that make production related to these vehicles. Thus, the domestic industry related to vehicles, the world market will have a say. This is a domestic industry move. This is more important than the domestic car. On the other hand, there is an example in front of us. 3 1 million dollars for a set of tools, domestic companies 1 million dollars were produced. Bursa Municipality uses them. In other words, 3 can be purchased in local production instead of 925. This reduces the cost as well as Turkey's current account deficit measures against imports will be a serious problem. Our biggest concern here is the serious pressure from the import lobby. We have to make no concessions. Currently sum of all subway and rail system in Turkey, including 3.450 one set of tools. But in Paris there is only the metro, 4.900 set except the rail system. 6.400 in London, 2023 toolkit in New York. Consider these sadae subway vehicle sets. 5.500 XNUMX requirements set up in Turkey. This is a huge market right now. Bur


The number of companies producing rail system / metro vehicle sets in the world is very limited. The biggest production in this sector is made by the French company Alstrom. The annual production of 2.500 vehicles is followed by the Japanese Mitsubishi company with 2.400 vehicles annually. The annual production of Bombardier, a joint venture between Sweden and Canada, is 2.000 vehicles. South Korean Hyundai produces 1.000 vehicles a year.

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