Start of high speed train project between Izmir and Denizli

The delegation was chaired by Ismail Hakkı Dokuzlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aydın Chamber of Commerce, AYTO managers Mr. Mehmet Ayan Vardar, Mehmet Özgen, Selim Sır, Ömer Özkaya, Aydın Chamber of Industry Assembly President Yalçın Pekgüzel, Aydın Trade Exchange Assembly Member Akşit, Aydın Chamber of Agriculture President Rıza Posacı, Nazilli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Tacettin Pirinç, Nazilli Commodity Exchange Board Vice Chairman Mahiye Çağlar, İsabeyli Mayor Bekir Güç Erim made a trip to Ankara.

Aydın MPs who met the Aydın delegation in Ankara, Mehmet Erdem, together with Gültekin Kılıç and Semiha Öyüş, conveyed the demands of high-speed train between İzmir and Denizli at the General Directorate of State Railways.

Speaking about the meeting with the General Director of State Railways Süleyman Karaman, Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman and the heads of departments, AYTO Chairman of the Board İsmail Hakkı Dokuzlu said, Müdür We made Aydın's non-governmental organizations to Ankara. We have forwarded our demand for fast train between Izmir and Denizli. Our meeting showed a positive course. DDY General Director Suleyman Karaman, especially the DDY officials of the railway in the 1856 in our country in the XNUMX for the first time, because it is a special meaning, for the first time in such a way that the representatives of civil society organizations in a city in such a way that they are more excited to visit they expressed. They stated that they will visit Aydın in the coming days for this project and they will see it on the spot. Bu

Aydın Chamber of Industry Assembly President Yalçın Pekgüzel stated that the high-speed train line between İzmir and Denizli is important because EXPO 2020 will be held in İzmir and said, “Transportation by high-speed train is very popular in England and Europe. It is safer, cheaper and time kazanI think it will be very useful in terms of

Source: (MB-HR)

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