49 Germany

Trolleybus trucks are coming

“Electric trucks do not happen because of the battery capacity gel is a very viable alternative solution.… From the 2020 on the door of the electric car revolution, such vehicles are expected to have a big explosion. Major automotive brands [more…]

82 Korea (South)

South Korea starts work for train to speed

South Korea has started to work on a train that will go at a speed of sound: In South Korea, it is announced that work has started for a train with high speed that can travel at a speed of sound. Superior technologies in high-speed trains [more…]

1 America

Hyperloop starts testing at 2016

Hyperloop starts testing at 2016: Hyperloop Technologies, the company established for Hyperloop technology, which is described as Ultra Speed ​​Train, will reach its CEO and start testing in 2016. Hyperloop introduced in the past months [more…]