Parents' Priority Is 'Organic Clothes'

Parents' Priority Is 'Organic Clothes'
Parents' Priority Is 'Organic Clothes'

The local baby and children's clothing market, which closed 2022 with 10 billion dollars, is expected to reach 2023 billion dollars in 200. The changing priorities of parents are shaping the sector. The organic product demand of parents who want to build a sustainable and healthy life for their children is turning into a door of opportunity for brands.

In our country, where more than 1 million babies are born per year, the baby and children's textile market closes with 2022 billion dollars in 10, and is expected to reach 2023 billion dollars in 200, according to CBME data. The rapidly changing priorities of parents in the last period are also driving the shifting market. Parents who want to build a sustainable and healthy life for their children are now turning to natural and organic products starting from infancy. While the demands for qualified products in ready-made clothing especially for babies aged 0-3 are increasing, startups operating in this field are also embarking on the path of branding.

Cigit Brand Director Mert Eryılmaz, which produces organic baby and children's products with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate, evaluates the development of the sector with these words: “Children's clothing sector continues to grow all the time. While this situation creates a door of opportunity for those who want to become a brand, it is necessary to provide the best, highest quality and most affordable service in order to survive in the growing market.”

“We are inspired by the roots of childhood in peace and purity in our products”

Mert Eryılmaz said, "We have been working to offer our customers the most organic, quality and healthiest products in Turkey since 2010," said Mert Eryılmaz, "We know that the health of their children is one of the most sensitive issues for parents. Because we are aware that childhood corresponds to the simplest period of a person's life and is the age when the seeds of the future are planted. That's why, while building our brand, we are inspired by the roots of childhood in peace and purity. While carefully designing our baby and children's clothing products containing eco-friendly organic fabrics, we adopt a smart cost management approach in all processes. In this way, we create a cost advantage and make our products accessible to every child.” used the phrases.

“We work knowing our responsibilities in the sector where we are the pioneer of organic clothing”

Cigit Brand Director Mert Eryılmaz said, “We are positioned as one of the industry's pioneers in organic baby and children's clothing. We carry out our work with the awareness of this responsibility. While we focused on wholesale product sales in centers such as Merter, Zeytinburnu and Laleli on this path we started 13 years ago, we changed our strategy as of 2017 and focused on retail. In 2018, we received our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), that is, our organic product certificate. We have stores in many cities such as İzmir, Ankara and Kahramanmaraş. In addition, our customers can reach us through our online channels. While we are growing 2022 times in 5, we are happy to be in a constantly developing sector. We aim to grow 2023 times in 10. We will continue to expand our concept stores focused on children's products both in the country and abroad as a chain.” said.

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