How Much Will Istanbul Airport Metro Fee Be? Route, Stops and Travel Time

How Much Will Istanbul Airport Metro Fee Be? Route Stops and Travel Time
How Much Will Istanbul Airport Metro Fee Be? Route, Stops and Travel Time

The first stage of the Istanbul Airport Metro was a record-breaking project with a length of 34 kilometers. With the completion of the other stages, the European side will be surrounded by the line that will reach 69 kilometers in length. The smart tunnel system was used in the subway. A system was created from scratch. It was made entirely with local and national resources. This system can also be used in other subways. The system can be managed from a single command center.

How Much Will Istanbul Airport Metro Fee Be?

Karaismailoğlu, Istanbul Airport Metro fee, short distance will be 9.90, as the distance gets longer, it will increase to 12 TL. Here, you can pay with Istanbulkart, Türkiyekart and credit cards. The turnstiles were made accordingly. Kagithane Istanbul Airport Metro line will provide free service for 1 month

It will reach a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Turkey's fastest metro will be one of the few in the world. In normal city metros, the maximum speed is 80 kilometers, but it varies between 40-50 kilometers. There is a route where we can go up to 120 kilometers, the average speed will be 90 kilometers. It can be reached in 24 minutes from Kağıthane to Istanbul Airport and 38 minutes from Taksim.”

Explaining the questions about the Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport metro line, Minister Karaismailoğlu said;

“The metro line starts from Kağıthane station for today. We will bring it to Gayrettepe until next June. When it comes to Gayrettepe, Yenikapı will be integrated with the Taksim-Hacıosman metro from here, and it will also be integrated into the metrobus from Zincirlikuyu. They complement each other with the Kağıthane station of the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey line.

Istanbul Airport Metro Stations

Kagithane-Istanbul Airport metro, how long will it take from which stop

  • 12 minutes from Göktürk to Istanbul Airport,
  • 24 minutes from Kağıthane,
  • 33 minutes from Zincirlikuyu,
  • 4 minutes from 35. Levent,
  • 41 minutes from Taksim,
  • It can be reached in 45 minutes from Esenler.

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