Tree Saplings That Will Breathe In Bornova Are Adopted

Tree Saplings That Will Be A Breath To Bornova Are Adopted
Tree Saplings That Will Breathe In Bornova Are Adopted

📩 31/01/2023 11:08

Bornova Municipality, which increases the amount of green space per capita with each passing day, also adopts tree saplings that will breathe life into Bornova.

Especially in the works carried out on empty lands, the people of Bornova write their names on the trees brought by the municipality for them and plant them. Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ met with the people of Bornova in the planting of saplings in Evka 4 Neighborhood. President İduğ, who planted olive trees in his own name, said, “The saplings we plant here today will grow and live for centuries like our Republic. Our duty is to keep them alive and protect them together with our people,'' he said.

Within the scope of the study carried out in Evka 4 Neighborhood, a survey was first applied to the residents of the district. Bornova Municipality Communication Center teams went door to door and received the opinions of the citizens. He asked which of the trees they wanted to be planted in the empty spaces near their houses, such as olive, almond, acacia and pine. He determined those who wanted to take care of the trees they chose from planting.

Nearly 200 olives met the soil

President Mustafa İduğ, who participated in the event where nearly 200 olive saplings met the soil, said, “Olive trees are trees that live for 1300-1400 years. Today, we planted nearly 200 saplings here together with the people of Bornova. The owners of these saplings are our citizens. They will take care of it as well as they plant it. Our youth and children will take over these trees after us. Our goal is to leave a greener Bornova for our children who will build our future. In this sense, we will continue to work with all our strength to bring new green areas to our district.”

Thanks from the headman

Evka 4 Neighborhood Headman Süleyman Ferah thanked Mayor İduğ on behalf of his neighborhood and said, “A lot of work is being done by our municipality for our neighborhood. The first work of 2023 was the planting of saplings. Our municipality will also implement projects such as a wedding hall, condolence house and children's activity center in our neighborhood this year.”

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